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High-Purity Solvents, Sorbents and Reagents for Gas Chromatography of Merck

Gas chromatography (GC) is one of the most frequently used analytical techniques. It combines exceptional resolving power with analysis speed and sensitivity.

Merck Millipore offers a range of high-quality products optimized for sensitive applications in gas chromatography, such as pesticide residue testing and trace analysis. Our portfolio includes high-purity solvents and derivatization reagents for gas chromatography, as well as inert sorbents for gas-solid chromatography (GSC).


Solvents for GC chromatography-solvents-for-gc

Ensure accurate results with solvents that are specially developed for sample preparation in gas chromatography.

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Solvents for Headspace GCchromattography-solvents-for-headspace-gc

Choose the highest purity solvents for secure analysis of residual solvents in actives, excipients and drugs.

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chromatography-chlorotrimethylsilaneDerivatization Reagents

Boost sensitivity and detectability in GC with high-quality acylating, alkylating and silylating derivatization reagents.

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chromatography-gc-reference-substancesGC Reference Substances

Maximize reliability in your analysis with reference substances that are high in purity and virtually free of isomers.

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chromatography-absorption-charcolSorbents for GC Packed Columns

Discover high-quality sorbents, like activated charcoal, for reliable and reproducible separations in gas-solid chromatography (GSC).

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