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LE-New WFA Catalog

More Insights, More Products, More Possibilities

The latest edition of Merck Millipore’s Water and Food Analytics catalog is here, and packed with essential information and state-of-the-art tools to support your success. Comprising 148 pages in the new Merck Millipore design, the catalog provides clear, compact, up-to-date information on over 450 new and existing products from our global range of test kits, instruments and accessories. Not only can you learn about all of our ready-to-use tests and test systems, but also how to use the products safely – from water analytics and monitoring of production processes to the measurement of specific food parameters. What’s more, we introduce you to our new globally harmonized product names: MQuant™, MColorpHast™ and MColortest™ . Now, the same high-quality products you know and trust carry identical names throughout the world.

Download digital Water and Food Analytics catalog

Special Topic Sections

At Merck Millipore, we continue to push the boundaries of chemistry to bring
you intelligent solutions to your daily challenges. Our latest advances in water
and food analytics are no exceptions: breakthrough tests, instruments,
packaging and services that go further to make your work easier. As you go
through the catalog, you’ll find “Special Topic ” boxes, which give you a glimpse
of these innovations, and how you can benefit from them.

Product Highlights

The new Water and Food Analytics catalog also includes our latest product innovations.

  • Spectroquant® Move 100 mobile colorimeter: for accurate water analysis on the go
  • New Spectroquant® cell test kits: sulfate, silicate, chloride, and COD for seawater/high chloride
  • MQuant™ Free Fatty Acids test : for monitoring the quality of deep-frying oil

Clear, Compact and Complete

Despite its extensive content, the catalog’s clear structure makes sure you have quick access to the information you require. You can easily search for test kits using the alphabetical list of parameters, or go directly to the various product ranges. To help you achieve proven, verifiable results, the “Quality Assurance ” chapter describes all necessary measures for simple and reliable quality control in accordance with applicable regulations.

Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive information and specifications on over 450 products for water and food analytics
  • Includes latest product innovations: Spectroquant® Move 100 colorimeter, new Spectroquant® cell test kits, and MQuant™ Free Fatty Acids tests
  • Alphabetical overview assists in orientation when searching for a suitable test
  • Information on the areas of application for each product
  • Valuable information regarding quality assurance in analytics